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"Hunting is the activity of the gods that belongs to people by mistake”

Can wild boars attack humans?

Wild boars have different names; some of them are “wild swine”, “wild pig”, and “common wild pig”. The IUCN (International Union for the conservation of nature) has classified them as least concern species, now u will be wondering about concern species, concern species are all those species in the world which are safe and are not endangered.  

Wild boars have a massive and bulky structure with thin and short legs and can dig the soil with their large heads which can take up to one-third of the total body length. They have quite small eyes with large and broad ears.

Wild boars are omnivores; they usually eat leaves, berries, seeds, nuts, garbage, earthworms, fish, and small insects.

Social behavior

 Wild boars communicate with each other by making different sounds and noises, 20 different sounds have been recognized until now, one of them is grunting. The short grunt is usually given when a pig is excited or wants to hunt and the long grunt is given as a contact call to feel the pleasurable stimuli. You will be astonished to hear that their tails give an indication of their health, when a tail is tightly curled up it shows their well being and when the tail is twitching it means they are having some kind of skin irritation.

Can wild boars attack humans?

The wild boar looks quite a harmless animal by its physical description but in reality it can be very dangerous when it comes to it to protect and defend itself against any kind of threat placed by human beings. They have a large head, massive body, and an overall powerful structure having a really bad temper making human beings vulnerable to its attack.

 The adult boar usually ignores humans during any encounter but when they feel they are not safe or watch anyone entering in their territory, or their young ones are being threatened, they will not wait or hesitate to attack.

 So you may be in serious trouble if you

  • Don’t have proper weapons like guns or knives with you
  • Are in a remote or rural area where u cannot find help 
  • Are not in perfect physical shape to defend yourself
  • Are not having any means of contact to call for help
  • Are alone and wild boars are in the form of large groups
  • Have evoked them intentionally or unintentionally

According to a research survey by John J. Mayer, Savannah River National Laboratory in 2013,  wild boars do an attack on human being but such incidents are rare, the incidence of attacks was high in rural areas where the frequency of wild boars was high. Although injuries were not severe enough to prove to be fatal but left many serious consequences.

A 77 years old Sicilian man was beaten to death by a wild boar, he was with his wife and dogs in the countryside close to Sicilian capital when he was attacked by a wild boar and died at the scene, raising the concerns for largely increased attacks by the wild boars.   

Increased encounters between human and wild boars

Due to an increase in wild boars populations, frequency of encounters between human and wild boars has been largely increased because they wander into parks, residential areas, streets, and shops, as compared to male boars, females are much protective of their young ones so anyone having an intention to harm their kids will be in serious trouble.

When do wild boars attack humans?

 Wild boars are usually harmless unless they are provoked; some of the below-mentioned causes are the reasons for their attack on a human.

When they feel threatened: 

Wild boars are the most unpredictable species; they are harmless and dangerous at the same times, whenever they feel they are being threatened or cornered by someone they will wear off the mask of “innocence” and defend themselves by attacking

When they are attacked by hunters: 

Wild boars are eaten in many countries of the world so hunters are always in search of them usually in remote areas, jungles, etc. whenever a hunter tries to hunt them it makes them aggressive and they attack back on them.

Trying to protect the piglets:

Its instinct of not only humans but animals as well that they will do anything to protect their kids, in the same way, wild boars can never bear anyone trying to hurt their piglets, they will fight back

During rutting season: 

Rutting season of wild boars is usually in November and January, most of the attack usually occurs during this season if someone tries to provoke them.  

Things to do when you encounter a wild boar

Do not panic: First of all you should not be panicking when u have encountered a wild boar, they will not harm unless you provoke them or try to be over smart with them, so just be patient and calm down after encountering a wild boar.

Maintain a safe distance: 

Maintaining a safe and sound distance between you and boar can increase your chances of survival, so stay where you are after encountering a wild boar.

Walk slowly: 

Never run after seeing a wild boar because it will provoke them and make them terrified so start walking slowly.

Climb a tree:

Try to search for a higher place like a pole or tree in case boar is ready to attack you, climbing on a tree can help you in survival from an attack by a wild boar.

Use available weapons:

If your all preventions have failed to protect you, start using your weapons like guns or knives, if you don’t have weapons try to avail all the possible things like stones, sticks, etc.

  You should avoid encountering with wild boars at any cost not only because they have a bad temper and aggressive mood but they are the carrier of many diseases which can directly pass to human beings like tuberculosis influenza and hepatitis E, so try to refrain from hiking in places where they are most likely to be found, try to drive slowly in the night to avoid any accidents, don’t try to provoke them at any cost, never hurt their piglets, don’t try to feed them.

How to avoid wild boar attacks during camping?

 First of all, you should refrain from camping in those areas known for having a large population of wild boars because they will not only destroy all your mood for camping but can be dangerous for you well being as well  

You should search for your camping site before going because prevention is better than cure. Here are some of the ways you can adopt to remain safe from wild boars attacks during camping.

You should be fully equipped with weapons: 

If you are going camping in those areas known for wild boars attacks you must be fully equipped with all kind of weapons like guns, pistols, knives, sticks, lightning guns, etc

Build a fence:

Building a fence around the camping area can keep you safe from wild boars attack because they will not try to rip apart the fence without any solid reason unless they are fully charged or are in a very aggressive mood.

The fence must be buried deep: 

You must burry the fence at least 4 to 5 feet down in the ground so it cannot be easily taken out by the attack of wild boars.

Don’t throw anything on them:

Wild boars will not attack you unless you make them aggressive by terrifying them, threatening them or throwing anything like bottles, packs, cans on them so try to avoid this kind of irresponsible behavior if you want to remain safe during your camping.

Try to avoid camping during the night :

It’s better to do camping at day time to avoid any kind of inconvenience, it doesn’t mean you will not encounter with wild boars during the night but in day time u will be having a chance to act in a much better and responsive way and you can call for help as well in case of emergency.


 As we have discussed enough wild boars attacks on humans, I want to conclude the article now. Wild boars are usually harmless unless provoked by any means discussed above. Whenever they feel they are being threatened or harmed, they will attack you back so try to be polite and gentle when you encounter them, remain properly equipped with weapons like guns or knives, and never attack them first. Try to find a high place around you like a pole or tree so you can protect yourself, never try to run in front of them, your running will only charge them up to attack you violently. Avoid lying down on the ground during an attack because most of the injuries occur in lying position as the strong tusks of wild boars can hit you hard usually on lower parts of the body leaving behind serious injuries.

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