hog tusks

Wild hog tusks

Wild hogs possess unique canine teeth, which are also called “tusks.” Wild hog tusks have always been the topic of discussion from hunting as well as a public point of view. These canine teeth, which are usually present in all mammals, have two sets, one is temporary, and the other is permanent. Permanent tusks in hogs are a unique feature of wild hogs that differentiate them form commercially raised or

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people hunting hogs

Why do people hunt wild hogs?

In this arcticle we will try to asnwer the question why do people hunt wild hogs? Human beings are practicing wildlife or feral animals hunting for ages for recreation, enjoyment, to meet the demand of food production, to manage the increasing population of animals or to prevent any damage by wildlife animals.  Wild hogs are also being hunted for the same purposes, now we will thoroughly discuss all the main

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hog hunting

Where can I hunt wild hogs?

Wild hog hunting: Hogs hunting is being in practice for ages and is growing enormously. People enjoy this tiring and challenging task either for their own recreation or for the purpose of money obtained by wild boar hunting. Some hunters say when someone enters this challenging hunting and encounters wild hogs; he never forgets the experience and will be definitely coming back again for another chance.  Common ways: Two of

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reproduction of hogs

Reproduction and breeding of wild hogs

Reproduction and breeding of wild hogs Puberty: Female wild hog can reach sexual maturity at the age of 3-4 months. On the other hand, most wild sows reach puberty at the age of one year old. The wild hog’s gestation period is about 112-120 days and can vary from individual to individual as 100-140 days. Fetal litters in them average about 5-6 embryos or fetuses and range from 1-14.  Females

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hog meat healthier

Is wild hog healthier than pork?

As the name indicates wild hog is a wild animal, it usually lives in jungles and bushy places while pork is raised commercially in farms. Wild hog meat has much fewer fats and is leaner as compared to pork, this is the reason hog meat is cooked quickly as compared to commercially raised pork. All those animals which roam around have more muscular movements as compared to those animals which

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european wild boar

European Wild Boar

Scientific name:  According to binomial nomenclature, their Scientific Name is Susscrofa. History: Among all the stories about invasive species, the story about European wild boar stands out the most. There is a probability that they came from Germany. Hunting preserve was established in Graham County by an English corporation in 1908. They stocked many animals like wild boars, deer, buffaloes and bears. The population of wild boars increased massively, and they prevailed

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