hogs in corona

"Hunting is the activity of the gods that belongs to people by mistakeā€

Hunting in quarantine time

We have situation in my country like in the rest of the world. Yes, we have covid-19 and we have full quarantine in the whole country. In quarantine time we can not move to other regions of country because of government rules. I am not happy about that but I agree because we have to win against corona virus.

Before starting I have to mention that I am living not in the same region where I am hunting. Ok let`s start. It was 14 of January very nice, sunny but cold day. The temperature was about -8 degrees but the forecast told it will be -15 in the evening. I like weather like that. You are sitting in your treestand and not moving more than 2-3 hours in cold. It is the best therapy for your sole and body. All day I felt inside me that I want to go hunting. I really wanted because I was not more than 2 months. So I decided to risk to go to another region and hoped that I will not be stopped by the police.

Around 3PM I packed my gun and other accessories and moved to my hunting area. The distance to drive was around 100 km. If the police will not stop me after one hour I will be in my treestand. Now I can say I was very lucky that day because the roadway was free and I did not meet the police. 4.20PM i was in my hunting area but the problem was because I can not more forward 500 metres because of lot of snow (around 30-40cm). So because of situation I left my car where is possible to leave it and went on my foot.

I remember now how difficult was to go 500 metres on foot. To go for a walk for me never has been a problem. I like it. Sometimes i go 10-15 kilometres. But these 500 metres in snow with special hot clothes and gun with equipment was something that i did not expect. I went to the treestand all wet. On one hand  i was irritated but on the other hand i was very happy that i can be in fresh cold weather after long time of beeing at home.

Hog Corona virus

So i am sitting in the treestand looking around and admire the nature. Winter is special and beutiful time. I can tell you that i really did not expect so see wild boars that evening. I went for hunting just to be in nature. I was shocked when i turned to the right side and i saw one big wild boar. I slowly grabbed my rifle. I wanted to see it closely by the scope. I am looking to the wild boar. It is looking for the feed. It is digging the snow and trying to find some corns. Suddenly through the woods i noticed some black spot and after several of secunds 6 smaller wild boars came to feeding place. Altogether it were 7 wild boars. One big female with 6 children.

To look to the wild boars how they are looking for feed was very interesing. I looked through the scope and sometimes imitated the shot on my mind. I will tell you the true that sometimes i have had minds to hunt one wild boar. But when i remembered my journey to the treestand through the snow i put all my thoughts to the side.

6 wild boars
All wild boars that evenining

I did not hunt the wild boar that evening but i had super experience and well spent time. Sometines you do not need to hunt that your would be happy. You just need to be in the hunting.

The photos i added is not the best resolution because i was enouth dark. The distance was around 100 metres and photos are made by the cell phone.

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