My first hog i hunted

"Hunting is the activity of the gods that belongs to people by mistake”

My first hog

Before  you read, I have to say that I was only 16 years old then. We hunted hogs at the lures and waited for the boars in the tree stands (this is the most popular way in our country).  I have had other unsuccessful attempts to hunt a hog before but the shots were inaccurate. It is normal because I was young, hot blood and emotions did their job. Ok, let’s start about first hog.

It was a warm June day. The father contacted with his friends and they all decided to go hunting in the evening.  We arrived to the house of hunters at 7 p.m. We made a plan where each hunter will go wait for the hogs. Some chose to wait at the farmers ’fields, others at the baits. I have to mention that I was hunting with a Russian shotgun “IZ27”, 12 caliber. Everyone else with carbines. For this reason, I had my personal tree stand. The bait was only 30 meters away (optimal shot for a 12 caliber). (If I find it, I will definitely put a photo of the tree stand).

8pm – 9pm nice, warm evening. One other mosquito, but did not disturbed. All my attitude was on the crisps of the forest. Unfortunately did not hear something interesting. Only a roe deer barking in the distance and  winches fly overhead. I wrote sms for all colleagues and ask if they have any action. Unfortunately, every there was empty – there are no boars, they said. But the evening is beautiful and I have a hope that will show up.

9:20 p.m. Almost dark, but still good to see. I hear a splash in the distance in the forest. Although the sounds are still a long way off, but I’m starting to get ready. I pick up my gun and place it in a comfortable place. After 5 minutes of silence and I start to think that the hogs probably moved or heard me. Suddenly my mind was interrupted by another sound from the forest, which was already much closer. I understand that everything is going is well and fortune towards me. I keep my finger crossed that hogs will show up until it got dark. I will remind you that I hunted with a shotgun and there is no optics on it, so the bright is very important for me. After a few of minutes I see dark thing between woods. The heart begins to beat faster and breathing becomes more frequent. I want to take a gun, but I realize it’s not worth it because my hands are moving a lot and the shot will not be accurate. While I try to calm down and normalize my breathing I see another hog and another. A total of 3, one-year-old hogs! All hogs appeared and slowly sneaked to the food. They started to eat and I start preparing for the shot.

The hogs move and change their positions. It is not good situation to shoot. The shotgun pressed to the shoulder – waiting for the right moment. I remember my father’s patties – 1. don’t rush 2.  wait until the boar appears in good position and does not move 3. press the gun trigger very very slowly 4.  wait until the breathing is normal. All is well – all things are! I target a boar that eats grain and doesn’t move for a few minutes and slowly press the rifle trigger. BOOOM.  A loud shot, lot of smokes. I raise my head and watch what happens. Two boars ran back into the forest, and one spun in a circle and screech. I aim again and fire another shot. But I see that this shot was not accurate. Adrenaline makes his own jod and I missed the shot. I am looking more bullets in my pocket – I can’t find it. I’m looking for another – I find one. I quickly reloaded the gun and fired the shot again. YESSSS. I hit it this time. The hog falls and is no longer tormented. I feel lot of emotions – adrenaline is flowing in my veins. So I finally hunted the first hog.

A few minutes later, my father rang me and asked what I was doing and why did I run 3 shots and scare all animals at everyone. I replied that I had hunted the first boar and he needed to come to help me pick it up. The father came, greeted me with the first hog. We made a picture. We load the boar into a SUV and drive out to the house of hunters.

I received many congratulations from other members of the club. But everything is inedible to me. Hunting traditions awaited me. But about it will tell you next time.

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