guns for hogs hunting

"Hunting is the activity of the gods that belongs to people by mistake”

My GUNS for hogs hunting

Today I will tell you what guns i use for hogs hunting. I have two guns in total. The first gun for hogs was bought for me by my father when I was 18 years old. In my country, it was not possible for a new hunter to buy a carbine right away. It was required to have two years of experience. So i was hunting for two years with a shotgun. Guess what firm it was? You will never guess. My first gun is a Russian company IZH-27.

IZH-27 is a shotgun very popular in Russia and Eastern Europe. For a long time, hunters were forbidden to hunt with carbines. For this reason, it has become the most popular weapon in my country. This weapon is 12 caliber. It has two tubes. Optimal shot up to 45 meters (depending on ammunition).

Mainly used:

– Driven hunt.  Advantages: Shots at short distances, quick targeting, bullets are not afraid of obstacles

– Bird hunting. It is the most popular weapon used in all countries for bird hunting

– Beavers hunting. Many hunters choose this weapon because of the short distances.

– Sport shooting

I hunted with this weapon for two years. I will not lie – it was not easy. The main reason is short distances. Especially when you need to hunt hog or elk. To hunt a hog you had to gain sneaking and other skills. However, I am happy to have had such an experience because it made me a better hunter.

Now I use this weapon only for birds hunting.

My another weapon is the CZ550lux. It is a carbine with a caliber of 308win. Why did I choose the 308win caliber? In my opinion, this is the most optimal rifle in my country. Choosing the right bullets can hunt both small and large animals. I will say straight away that this is not a perfect weapon. There are definitely better ones. When I bought it I was 20 years old, I didn’t have a lot of money so I chose the economic option. The main disadvantage of this weapon is its weight. Advantage – it is an accurate weapon, has two fuses. I have hunted many animals with this weapon, from beaver, fox to moose. Using the right bullets, this caliber does its job. 400 meters is the maximum distance I have hunted a fox.

My guns for hogs hunting are not special i am happy about them.

My next gun?

I will buy the next weapon BLASER. Why? I’ll tell you in another story

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