we went not to hunt but we found a hog

"Hunting is the activity of the gods that belongs to people by mistake”

We went not to hunt – but we hunted a hog

Shortly i will tell you how i and my friend Jurka went to feed hogs – not to hunt but we hunted a hog.

This story is simple, indistinguishable, but I remember it so I decided to write it here how we went not hunt but we hunted a hog. It was autumn. Twice a week we transport food for hogs to lures places. I never do that but this time I decided to pick up a rifle (maybe I’ll see the fox and will check my accuracy. We loaded the grains and moved to the hunting area.

We came to the first place – we left the feed. We are moving to second place – the action is the same. In the third place it is impossible to get to the place with cars so we have to carry bags for 200 meters. I put on one grain bag, Jurka the second. It is not easy job what we must do it. I am moving first on the forest road. 100 meters before the canteen I see a boar. I stopped and freezed. Slowly I place the grain bag on the path. Jurka does the same. Suddenly we see a hog. Soon we see another 5. All  hogs are two years old. The wind blows straight from the hogs so they don’t smell us and continue to eat the grains. Jurka whispers to me quietly “go pick up a rifle”. I do that. I turn around and sneak quietly towards the car.

I toke the rifle out of the case and sneaked back towards Jurka. Jurka shows signs with his hands that the hogs is in place and I can come. The distance to the hogs is small about 100 meters. That the shot would be accurate I am kneeling. I put the rifle on my knee. I’m looking for a hog which stand on its side. I found one. I aimed and shot. I see the hog falling down and not moving. Yes I am lucky today – the hunt is successful. We did not have a plan for hunting today but we hunted a hog. Other hogs escaped to the forest. We have to finish our job – we bring the grains to the lure place. How I told before there is possible to take the hog by the car so we pulled the hog towards the car by feet.

I am writing and thinking now how good it is to remember all the hunting adventures. What I like most about hunting is that the same events never happen again. They are unique and exclusive.

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