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"Hunting is the activity of the gods that belongs to people by mistake”

Where can I hunt wild hogs?

Wild hog hunting:

Hogs hunting is being in practice for ages and is growing enormously. People enjoy this tiring and challenging task either for their own recreation or for the purpose of money obtained by wild boar hunting. Some hunters say when someone enters this challenging hunting and encounters wild hogs; he never forgets the experience and will be definitely coming back again for another chance.

 Common ways:

Two of the ways are being followed to hunt wild hogs either you have to wait for them in a quiet place or hunting them when they are running.

 Driven hunting:

 Hunting the wild hogs when they are running is an experience demanding procedure requiring many people at the field, some of the beaters with their dogs try to drive hogs from their hidden places, and when they are disclosed to hunters, they can easily hunt them using guns and rifles. Careful precautionary measures are taken during this hunt like the use of visible clothing by beaters to avoid any kind of harm.

Where you should hunt wild hogs:

The population of wild hogs has spread in each and every corner of Europe so you can find them easily at any place. Some of the countries offer high-quality wild boar hunting, that’s why hunters prefer to go in those destinations which have a large population of wild hogs. Poland and Hungary, both countries are the best destination for hunting because they not only have an enormous population of wild hogs but they also arrange different events of hunting. Driven hunting is very popular in Poland requiring many members and hunting dogs. Croatia is another best destination for organizing wild boar hunting events. In the same manner Germany, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Russia, New Zealand, Australia are also famous places where hunters go with great interest and enthusiasm.

Best places for hog hunting:

 Wild hogs were introduced by Spanish people in the US. Wild hogs population has been increased greatly for the last past years, biologists suggest that there may be above 5 million hogs in 40 different states. An increase in their population may be the worst news for farmers because of the farm and soil trampling they do but it is good news for hunters because they can hunt wherever they want. Now I am going to discuss some good states where you can hunt wild hogs.


Texas has the largest population of hogs around 1.5 million therefore it’s a dream place for hunters to hunt, wild boar population is increasing there with an average of 20% per year. Although there are fewer chances for hunters to hunt publically they guided hogs hunts are available at reasonable pricing.


Georgia is known for its warm and wet climate and supports wild hogs habitat therefore its another good hunting state where hunters can fulfill their dreams of hunting. A lot of hunters go to Georgia because of their warm weather and the best-supporting conditions for hunting.


According to estimation by biologists, over 500,000 wild hogs are habitants of this beautiful state; you will be astonished to hear those wild hogs were introduced in North America through Florida.

 Florida is the land of hunting opportunities not on a private but public level as well. Hunters don’t even need a license for hunting on a private level, while rules and regulations are also very permissive. A high rainfall in Florida contributes to the larger population of hogs because they love to live in watery areas.


Arkansas may be a good place for wild boar hunting if you can access the private land because rules and regulations are somehow strict for public hunting. Still Arkansas is a very thrilling place to be kept in mind while searching for places for hogs hunting.


Around 700,000 wild hogs live in this state; therefore Louisiana is also among places to be tried for hunting. This state also allows nighttime hunting for hogs in private places. There are no strict restrictions in this state for hog hunting.


Although Alabama does not have a large population of hogs due to flexible rules of hunting many hunters go to this place, a small gaming license is required to practice hunting there.


Oklahoma is also a state with a dense concentration of wild hogs having around 470,000 of them, rules and regulations vary according to different areas but are usually flexible and permissive allowing hunters to perform their work either on public or private property.


What do you think about hunting on a beautiful island because I am now discussing about an island having a large number of wild boar population, people of Hawaii have many complaints regarding the damage caused by hogs related to the trampling of soil and destruction of the natural habitat of the island but Hawaii does have some strict regulations regarding hunting which are as follows.

  • You can hunt one hog per day
  • Hunting is not allowed in night
  • Hunting on public places require special permissions
  • You must have a hunting license
  • Hawaii has its hunting season and special regulations.

 But the good news is that you can do hunting with guides and dogs if you are willing to hit a jackpot on this island.

South Carolina:

South Carolina can also be a dream place for hunters because many wild hogs live near coastal areas of the state because they love watersheds, besides this regulations are also not strict.


California is such a beautiful place with a large population of wild hogs allowing hunters to hit a jackpot but you must have a hunting license for hunting and this state has some strict regulations as well.

Some of the Best guns and rifles for hogs

 Wild hogs have powerful musculature with strong tusks and huge body which require hunters to have guns of a higher caliber usually 260 or more, some of the best rifles and guns used nowadays are listed below.

Smith and Wesson M&P 10:

20 rounds can be fired up by this 8-pound gun having perfect accuracy, powerful controls, and a large caliber. It can hit many wild hogs at a single time because they usually run in groups.

Nemo Omen Match 2.0:

 This gun is quite expensive with 5000 dollar price but it is worth the price. Barrel and top-notch triggers are its best qualities besides night vision mode and thermal scope.

Blaser R8:

It’s a powerful rifle with strong bolt actions; it is a very good option when you are taking shoulder shots of pigs. It is easy to use have perfect accuracy and usually a safe gun for beginners.

Big medicine:

Bug medicine is having a price of 2200$ was first invented in 1896, it is around eight-pound having the ability to accurately shot pigs in a single round

Remington 7600:

Many hunters use this gun because it is super fast having accuracy and reliability and can successfully take shots of pigs in a very short time.

H&H double rifle:

H&H double rifle is usually the best rifle anyone could ever have due to its various attractive features like side plates, hand detachable, precise regulation having a caliber of 300 bores. It’s a powerful weapon to kill a charging boar with this weapon.

 Hence you can use any gun or rifle which suits you for hunting, but the above-mentioned one is one of the best.


 Wild boar hunting is in practice for a very long time due to many purposes like obtaining meat, managing the population of wild hogs, preventing their drastic effects on soil like trampling and damage of natural habitat. Therefore hunters always remain in search of all those places having a dense population of wild hogs where they can explore their hunting skills. Many states have strict rules regarding their hunting policy. You must have a hunting or gaming license otherwise your interest in hunting can take you to jail, usually, public hunting is more prohibited as compared to private hunting. Texas, California, Hawaii, Oklahoma are some of the places where you can try hunting after meeting their rules and regulations. Driven hunting is much popular as compared to the hunting where you have to sit down for an hour awaiting a wild boar, in driven hunting, many people are required, usually, beater with dogs try to drive hogs from their hidden places and when they rush out in a haphazard manner, hunters already waiting, shoot them quickly. You must have proper knowledge about all the traditions and regulations of a state where you are going to hunt. Take your time properly to search for good rifles because all your efforts would go in vain if you are not having an accurate and high caliber gun. Search for weather conditions of the place where you want to go because sometimes you won’t find warm and wet weather suitable for you and all your enjoyment mood would be off.

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