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Does wild hog taste good?

Wild hog meat has strong and rich flavor as compared to the standard pork, that’s why worldwide chefs are using wild hog meat in yummy recipes. Pig meat is the most common red meat which is eaten worldwide. The texture, aroma, flavor is much better than pork meat. You will only understand the good taste when u will try it.

 Taste of wild hog meat:

 If you think that commercial pig meat and wild hog meat taste-alike then you are wrong. The juiciest and soft texture, strong aroma, and increased iron content make it superior to pork meat, moreover, wild hog meat has an intense red color as compared to pork meat. If you have not tried a juicy steak of wild hog with a glass of wine then you are missing out something great in life. Hog meat tastes so much good that it can be used in various recipes.

 Tips for cooking wild hog meat:

  1. Tenderness of the meat depends upon two factors:
  2. There are more connective tissues inactive muscles as compared to non-active muscles there muscle location plays a very important role in determining the tenderness of the meat.
  3. The older and mature the animal is, more will be the connective tissues.
  4. You must have the correct cooking method to preserve tenderness
  5. Dry heat must be used for tender cuts
  6. If you are intending to do medium cuts, both dry and moist heats must be used with good proportions.
  7. Less tender cuts must be performed under moist heat.
  8. Wild hog meat will be cooked quickly because it has less moisture content and high-fat content, water will be evaporated quickly so the temperature of cooking must be kept low.
  9. Never cook on high flame, it will burn the outer side of meat leaving the inner portion raw and undercooked.
meat of hog

Benefits of wild hog meat:

Wild hog meat usually falls on the lean side because of it less fatty content and high moisture content, as compared to commercial pigs they are not given hormones injections, chemicals or additives, as their meat is free of antibiotics and hormones, it taste much better and strong as compared to pigs which are given certain kind of medications and hormonal injections, so you can enjoy healthy meat without fear of getting ill.

 Facts and figures related to meat:

Wild hog meat has a high content of iron, niacin thiamin, selenium, vitamin B6 and zinc but low in sodium. One drawback of meat is it contains a high level of cholesterols.

Why you should be eating more wild hog meat?

The most commonly eaten red meat in the world is of pork, but commercially raised pork cannot compete with the rich flavor and taste of wild hog meat which is cleared of all the added artificial additives, antibiotics, and hormones, therefore you should be eating more wild hog meat not because it has zero added harmful things but is also good for health providing the body with different minerals and nutrients.

Protein: our body is composed of different cells that have protein as an essential component. Hair, blood, skin, cartilage, muscle, and bones, are all made up of protein. 100 grams of wild hog meat contains 26 grams of proteins.

Creatine: creatine provides energy to the muscles of the body that’s why it is very popular among bodybuilders to retain energy; wild hog meat can be a good source of creatine.

Glutathione: various functions are performed in the body with the help of this antioxidant.

 Amino acids: Amino acids make up the overall structure of protein.. Meat can be a good source for providing all essential and non-essential amino acids.

Taurine: functioning of the heart and muscles can be improved by Taurine.

Cholesterol: cholesterol helps in the formation of vitamin D in the body essential for the growth of bones and muscles. A healthy body depends upon the state of all the functioning systems like cardiovascular, muscular system  

 By considering all the above-mentioned benefits we can conclude wild hog meat can have a good nutritional impact for patients, athletes, children, and pregnant women because they need more calories as compared to other people.

Yummy recipes:

Hog brochettes:

You can enjoy the meat of wild hog by making BBQ on a thrilling night with your friends and family. Wild hog brochettes can be wrapped in pita bread with lots of BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, tomato, and onion. They taste delicious and your guest will surely ask you about the recipe. There are various mouth-watering recipes available on YouTube which can help you to prepare a slice of delicious wild hog meat utilizing basic kitchen ingredients.

Shoulder Roast:

Are you thinking to invite some of your friends to dinner or lunch, and feeling confused about the menu then you don’t have to worry at all because shoulder roast is s superb lunch or dinner idea to impress the guests with your skills of cooking and a properly cooked meal. You just have to keep in mind that meat should not be cooked on high flame because it will burn the essential nutrients.

Hog Ribs:

Hog ribs are also very delicious if made properly, you can roast them in the baking oven or can cook them in steam. Cooking in steam usually preserve the nutritional content of the meat.

Wild hog steaks:

You must have tried steaks of chicken, beef, fish, but if you have not tried wild hog steaks yet, you are missing some marvelous meal so try hog steaks as early as possible. You can cook the steak on the stove as well as on the BBQ. Marinating the hog for a few hours could increase the richness and texture of meat.

 Ground hog meat:

 You can make meatballs with ground hog meat which can be used in burgers. You can make sausages, meat sauce. Hog meat has fewer fatty content therefore you can substitute any meat with this delicious one to enhance the flavor and richness of the meat.

Ways to field dress wild hog:

 It requires much practice to field dress a wild hog properly. You must take help from others who are in this field because bad field dressing can destroy the taste of meat. Following rules must be followed during field dressing of hog to keep the meat fresh and clean.

Protective gear must be worn:

Apron, gloves, goggles, must be in your protective gear list whenever you try to field dress wild hog because self-protection is important above all, you would not like to be infected by exposing yourself with meat.

Use the gambrel and hoist system:

Using a gambrel and hoist system may prevent the meat from getting dirty, because dirt can ruin the taste of meat and you don’t want to hate your hog meat.

Rinse properly:

 If you don’t want any kind of bacteria and debris to go into the meat rinse it properly before making any cut because wild hog are quite dirty they live in muddy places, therefore washing them with water must be your first step in dress fielding.

Intestines, bladder or testicles must be intact:

Intestinal walls are covered with a lot of bacteria, in the same way testicles and bladder have semen and urine respectively if you cut any of these structures, the risk of meat contamination is increased and taste will be ruined.

Freeze the meat:

Meat should be stored in cold temperature after cutting as soon as possible to preserve the rich taste and to avoid any contamination by bacteria.


Wild hog meat is quite tasty and healthy, if you have not tried it yet, you are missing a yummy and juicy meat, as compared to commercial pork, which is full of hormones and antibiotics which are not good for health, wild hog meat is much tender and juicy. You can make a lot of dishes including meatballs, steaks, and shoulder roast from the meat. Hog meat is full of nutritious components like proteins, vitamins, amino acids which play an important part in the normal functioning of the human body. Amino acids are an essential part of proteins making up our bones, muscles, and hair, enzymes are also made up of proteins and are responsible for catalyzing every reaction in body Some of the tips must be kept in mind while cooking like the use of low flame, cooking the meat properly, use of moist and dry heat according to the cuts. If you want to preserve the taste of meat, then field dressing is much important like the use of plastic apron, gloves, goggles, properly sanitized knives to prevent any contamination, intestines, and bladder must not be cut to spread the bacteria and urine ruining the taste of good meat. one of the main tip which should be considered is meat should be freeze as early as possible because lower temperature reduces the spread of bacteria. By keeping in mind all these tips for cooking and cutting of meat you can enjoy delicious meat of wild hog.

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