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"Hunting is the activity of the gods that belongs to people by mistakeā€

WILD Hogs Rifle Hunting

In earlier times, wild hogs or boars were allowed to roam freely. They were very intelligent animals. Depending on food and living conditions, wild boars have a high mortality rate. However, they can also be pesky and threatening. They would eat crops, damage properties or even kill other domesticated animals. In as much as they are a good source of food and protein, wild hogs are also potential disease carriers of triginosis and foot and mouth disease. Hence, wild hogs are a problem to many farmers because the disease they carry could be passed down to their livestock.

To successfully hunt for these hogs would be of great satisfaction. A hunter may be able to mount a set of tusks on his wall; or keep a freezer abundant with pork; and most especially, rid the environment of these pests.

Choosing the right rifle when out hunting for wild hogs will depend on the environment or terrain you are in. The range where you assume to shot at wild hogs is also a factor in choosing your gear. First take note that the rifle you carry must be on centerfire. The calibre you use must also be depending on the size of the boar you expect to find.

Here are some useful information to choosing the right hunting weapon:

  • 44 Magnums work better at close range.
  • 30 calibres are also good for close range shots, in dense areas of about 150 yards long.
  • Chapeus rifles have quick shots. They are also compact, making them more efficient. However, they are sold at quite an expensive price range.
  • When hunting in an open field, a 7.6mm cartridge works best. They have an increased velocity that assures you of proper targeting.
  • Bolt action is good when used long range.
  • A shotgun is also good and versatile. It can be used not only for boars but ducks and quails.
  • Pellet guns are only for close range shooting. They are in fact the best weapon to use when shooting boars at close range.

Remember that a good wild hog hunter plans ahead of the game. He keeps records and data, like sightings; he also tracks migration and do not just rely on memory or instinct.

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